Here’s what to expect when you are on the water!

Ready to Ride a Jet Ski?

What You Can Expect

Once you’re on the water on your waverunner or jet ski, you can take total comfort in the fact that our experienced staff has given you proper hands-on training. While you are operating the watercraft, our staff will keep an eye on you to make sure you are operating safely and that you are in control at all times. Our staff is also there to answer questions and help with any problems or concerns.

Wet-N-Wild staff guide our customers out to a riding area. After your ride, you will be assisted back and helped onto the dock.

Operators must be at least 16 with a valid drivers license. Operators under 18 must have parent or guardian to sign for them

The Wave Run-Down
  • Wet and wild recommends making a reservation beforehand!
  • Arrive at The bright green booth at the corner of third and Bay . wet and wild 244 Bay Ave., Ocean City, NJ (Free off street parking on premises/ first come first serve. Free on street parking around business.)
  • have a chat with staff.
  • Operators and passengers fill out paperwork and or be signed for if minor(s).
  • IDs and license’ of operators checked and payment is made.
  • Staff than answers any questions and gives you instruction on what to do with personal items such as cell phones and keys and you make your way towards the dock.
  • There is an area to sit and wait until your Jetskis are ready if they are not ready immediately.
  • Once it is your time to ride the back bays of Ocean City New Jersey, you will grab a life jacket and head to the docks for instruction.
  • Trained staff will then give you hands-on instruction on the waverunners that you will operate.
  • Once instructions are over and  your questions are answered, you will depart the marina one the jet skis and head out onto the Back Bay  of Ocean City.
  • Jet Skis are ridden in a riding area in the Back Bay of Ocean City.-
  • Water patrolmen will escort you out to the riding area, then they will show you the markers/buoys, waterways, boundaries and allow you to operate independently at your own pace.
  • Cruise around-Hit high speeds-have fun on the water- get wet and wild!
  • Water patrol man are constantly monitoring your safe operations, answering any questions and providing you with a fun experience riding the waves!
  • Riding occurs for 30 minutes or 60 minutes
  • Water patrolman keep track of your time while on the water.
  • Once time is up we will head back to the dock at a slow idle speed.
  • Staff will help you dock jet skis and disembark!
  • We hope you had a wet and wild time!

Photo op’s are always available just ask!

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