Have a Safe Ride! A Safe Water Ride is a Fun Water Ride!

Wet-N-Wild prides itself on ensuring customer safety. Our staff members are highly trained both on and off the water on water safety and our customers can take comfort in the fact that they and everyone else on the water will be safe while operating one of our waverunners or jetskis.

We will provide hands on training of all watercraft. We want you to feel comfortable and confident before leaving the dock in the knowledge that they and everyone around them will have a safe and enjoyable experience. All riders are patrolled by trained staff and our staff will be on the water supervising at all times.


Any rider that appears to be detrimental
to themselves or others will be escorted off the water.


Always Ride Your Waverunner Responsibly. Some things to remember about safe waverunning and jet ski riding activities include:

•Waverunners and jet skis should not be operated by anyone who has been drinking.

•When you rent a waverunner, you’ll be given a life jacket. You must wear this at all times, even when you are operating in shallow water.

•Operating a waverunner is relatively simple: there’s a throttle, handlebars, and not much else. But don’t let simplicity lull you to sleep! There’s a lot of horsepower behind a waverunner!

Safety Is Our #1 ConcernWet-N-Wild’s staff guides our customers out to a riding area and will remain with you on the water supervising and assisting as necessary at all times. After your ride you will be assisted back and helped onto the dock.


Open Memorial Day Weekend, 2018!