Have Questions About Riding a Jet Ski?

Answers to FAQ about Waverunners & Jetski Rentals


Q: Can I rent a waverunner if I’ve never driven one before?

A: Yes, we fully instruct you on how to operate a waverunner. You will stay within our designated riding area and we have instructors on the water supervising and helping AT ALL TIMES. You are always more than welcome to ask questions if you are uncertain of anything. We are there to help you!


Q: Do I need a boater’s certificate/license to drive a waverunner?

A: No, you do not need a boater’s certificate to operate a waverunner. However, we require you to provide valid state issued driver’s license.


Q: Does the travel time to and from the riding area count towards our 1/2 hour or 1 hour?

A: No. It roughly takes 10 mins to get out to our riding area and roughly 10 mins back (for a total of 20 min) because it’s mostly a no wake zone (you can’t go over 5 mi/hr) and you must be patrolled in a line to and from the riding area. If you sign up for a 1/2 hr, you ride for a 1/2 hr in the riding area. The travel time is in addition to that… and the same for a 1 hr rental.


Q: Do you provide life jackets?

A: Yes, we provide both adult and children’s life jackets.


Q. What is the difference between a waverunner and a jet ski?

A: Both waverunners and jet skis are personal watercraft vehicles or “PWCs”. These powerful machines are a hybrid between a water ski, power jet boat and a motorcycle and offer a fast and thrilling water ride. While the terms “wave runner” and “jet ski” are often used interchangeably, the brand WaveRunner is a type of PWC made by Yamaha while Kawasaki makes Jet Ski.


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